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Facial Aesthetic Treatments & Pricing

Premier, Experienced Service

From dermaplaning to LED phototherapy, to Alumier MD facials and skin peels, our facial aesthetic treatments will leave you feeling rejuvenated and confident, whilst helping to restore and improve your overall skin health.

Learn more about our facial aesthetic treatments and package deals below.

NOTE: If it is your first time with us, you must book a consultation prior to receiving certain treatments.  

  • Dermaplaning FAQs
    What is dermaplaning? Dermaplaning is a skin exfoliation treatment. A scalpel is used to gently remove dead skin cells and peach fuzz hair from the face. What are the benefits? It enables home care products and in clinic treatments to penetrate the skin deeper, boosting their effects. It makes the skin feel and look smoother and can reduce the appearance of acne scars. Makeup will go on smoother and give a flawless finish. Does hair grow back thicker after dermaplaning? Hair on the face (vellus hair) is different to body hair, and does not grow back thicker or darker. It may feel coarser once it begins to grow back because the hair was cut straight across, but will be the same texture as before and grow at the same speed. Is there any downtime? There is no downtime after dermaplaning, you can go about your day as normal. Does dermaplaning hurt? No, it is a completely painless procedure.
  • LED Phototherapy FAQs
    What is LED phototherapy? Different wavelengths of light in LEDs penetrate the skin and trigger the biological processes that help the skin rejuvenate and heal. The LEDs come in the form of a mask that is worn over the face. What are the benefits? Red light, blue light and combination red and blue light stimulate collagen production, aid in healing, reduce inflammation and help to improve skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and scarring. Is there any downtime? No, you can go about your day as normal.
  • Alumier MD Facials FAQs
    What is an Alumier MD facial? An Alumier MD facial is a targeted treatment for all skin types, using hypercustomised medical grade products. What are the benefits? All skin types will benefit from a customised treatment to address skin concerns such as dryness, ageing and acne, leaving skin looking radiant. Is there any downtime? No, you can go about your day as normal.
  • Alumier MD Skin Peels FAQs
    What are Alumier MD peels? Alumier MD peels use a customised chemical formula to remove the outermost layers of the skin. What are the benefits? Chemical peels reveal a brighter, smoother and more refined complexion. Acne scarring can be reduced. The skin’s colour, clarity, tone and texture is improved. Do peels hurt? You may experience an increase in skin temperature during the treatment, however we will be constantly monitoring you to make sure it does not become painful. There is no pain after the treatment. Is there any downtime? No, you can go about your day as normal.
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